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Jan 15th weekly update: easy make ahead meals

Jan 15th weekly update: easy make ahead meals

Turns out you all really like a sale! Thanks to everyone for all the chicken orders last week - we hope that you enjoy. If you are looking for some ideas for all the chicken, read on...

Please place orders by Wednesday at 6pm.  This week we are delivering in the GTA Wed/Thurs/Friday, and we will be in Collingwood on Friday. We look forward to bringing you some great food!


Make Ahead Meals: We know many of you are looking for easy meals: something ready to go after a day of skiing, or racing around to a zillion activites. Here are 6 new recipes we love - and hope you do as well:


Slow Cooker Chicken Curry: best made with our chicken thighs

click here for recipe

 pork carnitas on a plate

Pork Carnitas: add our capicola pork to your cart

click here for recipe

bowl of chili
The Best Chili:
pick up some ground beef, or pork/beef/veal

click here for recipe

bbq ribs on a plate
Slow Cooker Pork Ribs: you'll need to add a couple racks of ribs to your cart

click here for recipe

grilled chicken thighs on a plate
My Favourite Chicken Thighs: make ahead & grill in time for dinner, pick up some of our thighs

click here for recipe

Easy Spaghetti Bolognese: pick up some ground beef and make ahead

click here for recipe


Payment: You can pay by credit card, etransfer to order@misterbutcher.ca, or cheque/cash at pickup.  If your order has items priced based on weight (anything priced $0.01) we will give you the total at delivery.

Free delivery for orders over $150 ($10 delivery fee for smaller orders)


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