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Jan 22nd weekly update

Jan 22nd weekly update

mister butcher logo next to a grilled steak and a bottle of red wine

Good morning from Mister Butcher,

This week we will be delivering in the GTA from Wednesday through Friday. Our next trip to Collingwood is Friday Feb 3rd.

Thought we would highlight a couple of products that are very popular in our retail shop. We consistently sell out of two products: Kansas City Striploins & Crab Cakes:

2 kansas city steaks ready for the grill

The Kansas City cut is a bone-in striploin (as opposed to the boneless NY striploin).  We cut them 24oz, from USDA Prime Beef.  I think it sells out every week because it’s beautiful looking steak, and a little different from the striploins & ribeyes that everyone is familiar with.

In case you aren’t familiar with this cut, the KC strip is cut from the short loin - also known as a bone-in strip. It has extra marbling and, with the bone, extra flavor. And a grilled Kansas City strip steak cooks easily and retains all its juiciness.  24oz is a perfect steak to share (though no judgement if you want one for yourself.)

You can cook by searing first and then cooking over indirect heat, or you could use the reverse sear – click for links to both methods (the recipes are for tomahawks, but absolutely applicable for KC strips).  It’s personal preference as to which one you choose, just don’t forget to let you steak rest before serving.


fresh crab cakes on a board

Our fresh crab cakes are made from rock crab and shrimp.  Lots of seafood and very little filler, which is the key to excellent crab cakes.  Pan sear with butter and / or olive oil over medium heat for 4-5 minutes a side.  They just need to be heated – keep an eye on them so they don’t get too crispy. They are also great in an air fryer. 

Each piece is 100g, so two make a meal with a salad, or serve one as an appetizer, or a side dish.  We like them with a bit of chipotle mayo on the side


Payment: You can pay by credit card, etransfer to order@misterbutcher.ca, or cheque/cash at pickup.  If your order has items priced based on weight (anything priced $0.01) we will give you the total at delivery.

Free delivery for orders over $150 ($10 delivery fee for smaller orders)

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