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Unmatched Quality Meats | Unrivaled Convenience

Fresh Meat and Seafood Delivered to You

Transform every meal with our superior selection of meat and seafood, customized to your preference and delivered straight to your door

Every Cut Tells a Story


From the marbled prestige of a well-aged Wagyu ribeye to the lean, robust essence of a perfectly grilled Beef Tenderloin steak - our beef selections offer an endless spectrum of gastronomic experiences.

Reel in the Taste of the Ocean


Whether it's a simple, pan-seared jumbo scallop, or an elaborate seafood platter teeming with the flavours of the ocean, the world of seafood offers an endless array of possibilities for your palate.

Air-Chilled Poultry Perfection


Enjoy air-chilled, organic chicken from our trusted local Ontario providers. We guarantee unparalleled tenderness, freshness, and a unique flavour profile that transforms any ordinary meal into a culinary spectacle.

Effortless, Time-Saving Meals

Prepared Foods

From hearty, single-serve meat pies to guest-worthy lasagna and chicken parmigiana, we've got your cravings covered. Ideal for those hectic evenings when time is scarce but the appetite for a quality meal persists.

Facing the daily grind of gridlock traffic and navigating through the relentless pace of a busy lifestyle can make the pursuit of exceptional meat and seafood feel like an unattainable luxury.

We deeply appreciate the value of your time and the importance of quality in your meals. That's why we're committed to effortlessly delivering only the finest, carefully selected premium meat & seafood to you, transforming what was once a time consuming task into a convenient and satisfying shopping experience.

Time & Convenience

With busy lifestyles, time is a luxury. Delivered to your doorstep, we fight traffic in the GTA so you don’t have to.

Sustainable Sourcing

Our premium products are always sourced with ethical and sustainable farming and fishing practices in mind.

Memorable Meals

Sharing high-quality meals is a great way to connect with family and friends, creating memorable experiences.

Southern Ontario Deliveries

We deliver in refrigerated trucks the GTA, Mississauga, Oakville & Burlington every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Delivery is free for orders over $150

Place orders by Tuesday at 6pm

Cottage & Ski Country Deliveries

Collingwood: July 26th
Muskoka: Aug 2nd

People Say the Nicest Things... 😊

The service and the products from Mister Butcher are exceptional. I love supporting small businesses and this brother and sister team have created something well worth supporting. You won’t be disappointed. Buy Canadian and keep local biz growing
Arlene Dickinson
Love dealing with Mr. Butcher! Quality of meat is always top notch, but what really sets them apart is the customer service for me. Always working hard to accommodate you on deliveries, keeping you updated on your order and incredibly responsive when you reach out to them. Just got another full restock of my chicken, salmon and cod and can't wait to get cooking
Michael A
I have been placing delivery orders ever since Jon and Christine first opened up during covid. Exceptional communication and impecable service, and the offerings are just simply amazing. Love the oysters (when's the next oyster night?), the battered fish and of course the beautiful cuts of steaks.

Check out the marbling on the tenderloin 🤤 I highly recommend supporting this lovely local business, you wont be dissapointed