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Mister Butcher Weekend Box


Your trusted culinary companion!  Unbox a weekend of culinary delight with the Mister Butcher Weekend Box. Curated for those spontaneous weekend getaways or relaxed homebound weekends, it ensures your kitchen is stocked with premium eats without the fuss of meal prep.

Inside Your Weekend Feast:

🥩 Fresh Steaks (4 pieces): Customize your meaty indulgence by picking from Tenderloins, Ribeyes, or Striploins. Freshly cut and ready to be seasoned and grilled to perfection. 

🐟 Atlantic Salmon Side: A fresh catch weighing in at around 4 pounds. Great for grilling, baking, or even making sushi! 

🍝 Lasagna: Dive into this frozen treat layered with rich flavours - a convenient and hearty meal, simply bake and serve. 

🥓 Double Smoked European Sliced Bacon (1 pound): Rich and smoky, it promises to elevate your breakfast game. 

🥯 Bagel Box: Start your morning right! This box includes Smoke Bloke smoked salmon, 6 St Urbain bagels, cream cheese, and capers. 

🍞 Delicious Loaf: Choose your preferred frozen loaf for a delightful breakfast or snack. Options include Chocolate Zucchini, Lemon Cranberry, or Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

Whether you're headed to the cottage or planning a laid-back weekend at home, the Mister Butcher Weekend Box ensures you're equipped for a gourmet experience. Unwind, relish, and let every meal be a celebration!