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The Brother-Sister Dynamic Duo

About Us

Delivering top-tier, meticulously selected meat and seafood products that will transform your every meal into a gourmet experience.

The Mister Butcher Story

Butcher Bond: A Family's Journey

In March 2020, as the world faced the uncertainties of the pandemic, the dynamic brother-sister duo of Jonathan Butcher and Christine Butcher Wilson saw their neighbourhood grappling with the new challenges of quarantine – the daunting lines at grocery stores and the scarcity of good-quality food options.

They sprang into action, initially reaching out to friends and neighbours with an offer of premium meat and seafood, usually destined for high-end restaurants.

The response was overwhelming, sparking the birth of Mister Butcher.

Meet the Butchers

Meat, Seafood and Sibling Magic

Jonathan, with his deep knowledge of the food service industry and a keen eye for what makes customers tick, has been the go-to expert in premium proteins and top-tier service. Christine, with her nearly two decades in the business world has gleaned valuable insights from her tenure at Bain & Company, bringing a strategic business acumen and operations expertise to the team.

Four years down the line, this family-run venture has grown beyond their wildest dreams. They now partner with ten amazing suppliers, continually adding new selections on a nearly weekly basis. They've hit the roads with their own refrigerated delivery truck, bringing delights to the Greater Toronto Area 3 times a week and up to ski and cottage country every Friday. They ran a bricks and mortar store for a couple of years at Yonge & Lawrence, and returned to 100% home delivery in 2024.

Who would've thought that a brother and sister who grew up fishing together would find such joy and fulfillment in helping others stock their kitchens with the finest fare?

Join Jonathan and Christine on this delightful journey, where every customer is considered part of their extended family.