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May 23rd weekly update

May 23rd weekly update

Happy May long weekend and a big welcome to our new customers who found us on Yonge Street!

Product Updates:

We've added two new fresh fish options to our product line:

Pickerel: Fresh, local, wild pickerel fillets. Oceanwise certified.  These are skin on fillets, 8-12oz per piece

BC Snapper: Fresh snapper fillets. Skin off, 8-12oz per piece.

Price drop: Passing along savings on our AAA beef tenderloins - great time to pick up for grilling.

If you are a saavy shopper be sure to keep an eye on "we ordered too much". As we get a handle on inventory levels for the shop we freeze products if we have anything left at the end of the day. This is perfect for those of you who like to stock up!

We will be delivering in the GTA Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Jonathan will deliver to Collingwood (and anywhere along the way) on Friday. You can also place orders to be picked up at the shop, just select local pickup when checking out.

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