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Fresh Pickerel Fillets | An Eco-Friendly Freshwater Treasure


Fresh, wild and local! Dive into the rich and delicate flavour of our sustainably-sourced Pickerel with our Ocean Wise-certified fillets. Freshly caught and impeccably prepared, these fillets offer a tantalizing taste that's hard to resist.

Priced at Delivery:

🐟 Fair Pricing: Priced at a competitive $20 per pound, and billed upon delivery to ensure you pay for the exact weight you receive.

Key Features:

🐟 OceanWise Certified: Committed to sustainability, our Pickerel is certified by Ocean Wise, ensuring an eco-friendly choice.

🐟 Premium Sizing: Each fillet ranges from 8-12 oz, offering a generous serving that's perfect for grilling, pan-searing, or baking.

🐟 Skin-On: Our fillets come with skin-on, which crisps up beautifully when cooked and adds an extra layer of flavour.

🐟 Always Fresh: Sourced locally and kept fresh, our Pickerel fillets promise a taste that reflects the pure waters they come from.

Embrace the unique flavour profile of Mister Butcher’s Pickerel fillets and elevate your seafood game. Perfect for a fancy dinner or a casual family meal, these fillets will have everyone asking for seconds!