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Fresh Snapper Fillets | A Legendary, West Coast Favourite


Dive into the deep blue waters of British Columbia and discover a delicious seafood legend - the BC Snapper. Long known as a deep-sea delicacy treasured for its luscious, white, fine-flavoured flesh this snapper is a testament to the bounty of the oceans.

Priced at Delivery:

🐠 Competitive Pricing: At $31.50 per pound, you are assured of quality at an affordable rate. Your order will be priced at delivery to ensure utmost transparency.


Key Features: 

🐠 Premium Sizing: Our Snapper fillets range from 8-12oz each, making them the ideal portion for a satisfying meal.

🐠 Skin-Off Delight: Although the fillets come skin-off, rest assured that the Snapper's rich flavour remains intact. But if you ever get the chance, don't miss out on its crispy skin - a gourmet's delight!

🐠 Unbeatable Freshness: Direct from the ocean to your table, our B.C Snapper fillets are as fresh as they come.

🐠 Versatile Culinary Gem: Whether battered, breaded, baked, or roasted, Snapper fillets adapt beautifully to your culinary imagination.

Elevate your seafood experience with our B.C Snapper fillets from Mister Butcher. Their unmatched taste and texture promise a dining experience that will linger in your memory. Happy feasting!