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Lasagna | Your Italian Homestyle Comfort Classic


Immerse yourself in the layered delights of our homestyle lasagna, where tradition meets taste in every portion. Ideal for busy weeknights when you crave something homemade but don't have the time to cook or even impromptu dinner parties where you want to impress without the stress. This locally-crafted masterpiece is a testament to time-honored cooking, delivering a delicious fusion of flavour and texture that promises to warm hearts and satisfy cravings. Choose between classic beef or vegetarian (spinach, zucchini, mushrooms & tomatoes)

Key Features:

🍝 Layered Perfection: Six levels of delicate pasta sheets, forming the ideal foundation for the flavors to meld. 

🍝 Flavorful Blend: A robust tomato sauce infused with the perfect blend of herbs and spices creates a symphony of taste in each layer. 

🍝 Cheesy Euphoria: Melted cheese cascades through every layer, offering that irresistible stretch and richness that only the finest lasagna can provide.

Size Options for Every Gathering: 

Large Lasagna: Serves 8. Perfect for family dinners, social gatherings, or meal prep for the week. 

Small Lasagna: Serves 4. Ideal for smaller families or those seeking a couple of days' worth of comfort food.

Experience the rich, fulfilling goodness of our meat or vegetarian lasagna, a dish that exudes classic comfort. Let each bite take you back to comforting weekend meals that taste like they're straight from Nonna's kitchen.

Pairing Suggestions:

Complement our beef lasagna with a crisp Caesar salad and garlicky breadsticks for a complete dining experience. Enhance the meal with a glass of medium-bodied red wine like a Sangiovese or Merlot for a truly Italian touch.