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European Side Bacon | Double Smoked & Custom-Sliced


Redefined your breakfast routine and awaken your taste buds with the smoky goodness of Mister Butcher's Double Smoked European Side Bacon. Perfectly cured and double smoked for that deep, rich flavour, our bacon will transform any breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a gourmet affair!

What Makes our Sliced European Side Bacon Special?

🥓 Double Smoked: Our bacon undergoes a unique double smoking process, amplifying its flavour and leaving you with a lingering smoky taste with each bite. 

🥓 Fresh & Savoury: Weighing in at a pound with 16 evenly sliced pieces, this bacon guarantees the ideal balance of meat and fat, ensuring a crispy finish when cooked. 

🥓 Customizable Thickness: Love your bacon on the thicker side? No problem! Let us know, and we'll slice it to your preferred thickness. 

🥓 Vacuum Packed: To seal in the freshness and taste, each batch is vacuum packed, ensuring you get the freshest bacon delivered to your table.

Whether you're whipping up a classic BLT, enhancing your burger, or simply frying up some breakfast slices, our sliced European Side Bacon promises a taste eruption like no other. Raise your morning breakfast game with a touch of smoky perfection, only from Mister Butcher!