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Fresh Icelandic Cod Loins | Iceland's MSC-Certified Cod


Enjoy the crispness of Iceland's waters! Introducing our Fresh Icelandic Cod Loins, straight from the heart of the North Atlantic's icy waters. A culinary delight that celebrates Iceland's rich seafood heritage, promising unparalleled quality and taste.

Key Features:

🐟 Pristine Quality: Freshly sourced cod loins, boasting the tenderness and delicate flavour iconic to Icelandic seafood.

🐟 Transparent Pricing: With a price of $21 per pound, your order's total cost is calculated upon delivery, ensuring complete transparency.

🐟 Certified Excellence: Proudly Marine Stewardship Council certified, guaranteeing sustainable and responsible fishing.

Every tender bite transports you to the icy coasts of Iceland, letting you savour the pure essence of the North Atlantic ocean. Elevate your seafood dishes with this exquisite offering!

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