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July 10th Update

July 10th Update


Good morning everyone!

New product update: Dennis’ Horseradish 🔥🔥🔥 We were hunting for a great horseradish to add to our sauce collection and Dennis’ is the winner. We had some of our customers sample and happy to add these two to the shop. Dennis’ is made in Norfolk County - we love a great local product :-)  Lots of kick in this product - and LOTS in the hot version. If you are in the hood pop by the store to taste for yourself.


It was wing night this week: used the roaster (bigger) wings, and cooked in an air fryer. Check out our instagram page to see how we made them. Bonus for all of you - we ordered way too many last week and froze them, so pick some up for your own wing night 


We will be delivering Wednesday through Friday this week. Collingwood on Friday. Reach out about Muskoka deliveries. Please place orders by Tuesday at 6pm, and let us know if have any delivery date requests. I'll confirm your delivery details mid-week.

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