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August 14th update

August 14th update

Good morning, hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend.

If you've been to our store this summer you may have met our great summer employees. They are both heading to university in a couple of weeks - good for them, not so much for us :-) We are looking to hire someone to help in the shop (Yonge & Lawrence in Toronto). Part time, during our store hours, Wed-Sat, 11am-5pm. If you know of anyone please let us know.

New in the shop: We have a new product for you, the Bavette Steak. Once known as a butcher’s best kept secret, the bavette is gaining popularity due to its taste, ease of cooking, size, and value for money

It’s thicker than the Skirt or Flank steaks. Getting into the specifics, it has a similarly wide grain and coarse texture, meaning the
marbling is also better quality.  This creates tenderness in the meat as the fibers are not tightly bound to one another, and secondly, it soaks up marinades allowing them to penetrate deep into the muscle fibers for a flavour intensity that tighter grains cannot match

The Bavette steak is typically used for fajitas, stir-fry, and other recipes that use beef steak strips to give tenderness and meaty flavour to the dish.  It’s also a great sharing steak – big enough to feed a crowd and easier to cook than several individual steaks.

No longer in the shop: Unfortunately our meatballs have been discontinued. We are keeping our eye out for a replacement, as it was a fan favourite.


Thanks to everyone for getting orders in early last week. Order cut-off is Tuesday at 6pm.  If you forget, please still reach out and we will do our best to accommodate if we can, but it will really help if we get orders early.

We will be delivering in Toronto through Burlington Wednesday to Friday, Muskoka based on demand and in Collingwood on Friday. If you have a preference for your delivery day please make a note in your order or send us a message.


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