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Baseball Steaks | A Home Run in AAA Form


Introducing the Baseball Steak, a gourmet premium cut that pays homage to its namesake with its thick, rounded appearance. Made famous by The Keg, this steak promises an unforgettable culinary experience with every bite.

Key Features: 

🥩 Prime Cut: Sourced from AAA Angus Top Striploin, ensuring exceptional quality and taste. 

🥩 Signature Shape: Skillfully cut to resemble a "baseball", this steak offers the thickness of a tenderloin and the robust flavours of a filet mignon. 

🥩 Fresh & Ready: Delivered fresh, preserving its natural juices and aromas. 

🥩 Secure Packaging: Vacuum-sealed for peak freshness, making it freezer-friendly.

The Baseball Steak’s distinct shape, coupled with its unequalled taste, makes it a favourite among steak lovers. Whether you're recreating The Keg's iconic dish or simply craving a luxurious steak night at home, the AAA Angus Baseball Steak from Mister Butcher promises to hit it out of the park!