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Mister Butcher "Everything You Need For a Week" Box A


Say goodbye to meal preparation stress and embrace a week of diverse culinary delights with the Mister Butcher "Everything You Need for a Week" - Box A. Meticulously curated with some of our fan-favorites, this box ensures that every meal feels like a special occasion. A kitchen adventure awaits! 

Unbox “A” Week of Gourmet Delights:

🥩 Beef Tenderloin Steaks (4 pieces): Luxuriate in the rich taste of these 6oz fresh Beef Tenderloin steaks, prime cuts ready for the grill or skillet. 

🐔 Flattened Chicken: Completely de-boned for even cooking! Grill or bake to golden perfection and serve with a side of your choice. 

🐟 Salmon Portions (4 pieces): Dive into the ocean's treasure with these 6-7oz frozen Salmon portions, 

🍤 Premium Black Tiger Shrimp (2 pounds): These frozen delights are perfect for a quick stir-fry, pasta, or grilled skewers. 

🍢 Chicken Souvlaki Skewers (10 pieces): Relish the flavors of these Frozen Greek delicacies. Perfect for a quick grill or oven bake. 

🍞 Dessert Loaf: Savor the sweetness of the week with a frozen loaf of your choice. Be it Chocolate Zucchini, Lemon Cranberry, Chocolate Chip Banana, or Apple Cinnamon, dessert is covered!

Whether you're savoring a quiet week at home or escaping to your favorite getaway, the Mister Butcher 'Everything You Need for a Week' - Box A guarantees a gastronomic journey you'll cherish. Dive into diverse flavours and let every meal be a gourmet celebration!