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Stuffed Chicken Breasts | A Cheesy, Broccoli Delight


Unveiling our exquisite Premium Stuffed Chicken Breasts—succulent, air-chilled chicken filled with a gourmet blend of broccoli and cheese.

Each fresh, skin-on chicken breast is 7-9oz.

Key Features: 

🍗 Locally Sourced Excellence: Harnessing the bounty of our local farms to deliver you the unparalleled taste of free-run poultry.

🍗 Sealed Freshness: Every chicken breast is meticulously vacuum-sealed, preserving its freshness and flavour until the moment it's cooked or stored in the freezer.

🍗 Delicious Flavour: Infused with the freshness of broccoli and the richness of cheddar cheese.

Savour the succulence of this chicken breast—stuffed with melted cheese and broccoli—for a delectable blend of flavours in every bite