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Rack of Lamb | Frenched for an Elegant Presentation


Our Rack of Lamb - fresh or frozen - offers a culinary masterwork with its beautifully Frenched bones and tender meat. Our ethically-sourced Ontario lamb is known for its mild - yet distinct flavour - and our rack of lamb captures this perfectly. Sourced from the lush pastures of Ontario, this rack is a luxurious addition to any dining experience.

Priced at Delivery

🍖 Reflecting its exceptional quality, the rack is priced at $33.50 per pound, with the final price confirmed at delivery to ensure the utmost accuracy based on weight.  Average cost per rack is $65-70.

Key Features:

🍖 Exquisite Presentation: The Frenched bones provide an elegant presentation, perfect for impressing guests at your dinner table.
🍖 Optimal Weight: Each rack weighs between 1.75 to 2 pounds, ideal for serving 2-4 people depending on portion sizes and accompaniments.

🍖 Locally Sourced: Sourced from Ontario, ensuring freshness and supporting local farmers.

    Each Frenched rack is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Ontario lamb farming, providing a tender, flavourful experience that's as visually impressive as it is delicious. Whether it graces your holiday table or marks a personal celebration, our Fresh Rack of Lamb is poised to leave a lasting impression on both the eye and the palate.

    Looking for Mister Butcher-approved cooking inspiration? Give Ina Garten’s deliciously easy Rack of Lamb recipe a go.