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Meat Church | Holy Cow BBQ Rub


The heartbeat of Texas in a bottle! Discover the robust and hearty flavour of Meat Church's Holy Cow BBQ Rub. It's not just a seasoning; it's a taste journey that takes you through the open plains, rodeos, and barbecue pits of the Lone Star State. Get ready for a culinary rodeo in your kitchen with Holy Cow!

Highlights of The Holy Cow BBQ Rub:

🤠 Bold & Beefy: Specially crafted for beef enthusiasts, this rub brings out the deep flavours in brisket, steaks, and more.

🤠 Universal Appeal: While it's a champion with beef, don't hesitate to sprinkle it on chicken, burgers, or anything that needs that Texan touch.

🤠 Generous Size: Packaged in a 14 oz bottle, ensuring you're always ready for a Texas-style BBQ session.

🤠 Authentic Texas Flair: A rub that screams Texas in every grain, giving you a genuine BBQ experience.

Why Holy Cow BBQ Rub Deserves a Spot in Your Kitchen:

  1. Flavour Depth: Offers a rich and nuanced flavour profile that accentuates the natural taste of your meats.
  2. Consistency: Every pinch delivers the consistent taste of Texas, ensuring each dish is a hit.
  3. Versatility: While beef is its best friend, this rub plays well with poultry and other meats, making it a versatile seasoning choice.
  4. Quality Ingredients: Crafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring top-notch quality in every sprinkle.

Whether you're grilling on a sun-soaked afternoon or looking for the perfect seasoning for your indoor cooking, Meat Church's Holy Cow BBQ Rub is your ticket to a Texan flavour fiesta. With every shake of this rub, imagine the wide Texas skies, the sound of country music, and the aroma of a bustling BBQ pit.