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Lamb Shoulder | Bone-In or Boneless Succulence


Embrace the rich, tender flavours of Mister Butcher's Lamb Shoulder. Roast it to a perfect crust, braise it until meltingly tender, or prepare it in your signature style - this cut is versatile enough to match your culinary vision. Perfect for slow cooking aficionados: lamb shoulder is renowned for its suitability in slow-cooked dishes, where the meat becomes fork-tender. The boneless option provides a canvas for various culinary techniques, including stuffing, rolling, and slicing.

Features of Mister Butcher's Lamb Shoulder:

🍖 Peak Freshness: Sourced and prepared with care, ensuring every bite melts in your mouth.

🍖 Choice is Yours: Opt for bone-in, averaging a generous 7-8 lbs. or go boneless, averaging 4-5 lbs. at $20/lb.

🍖 Transparent Pricing: Priced at delivery, so you're aware and assured of the value you receive.  Current price is $20 per pound

🍖 Versatility: Perfect for roasting, stewing, or grilling, the lamb shoulder can be the star of any culinary show.

Delve into a gastronomic delight with Mister Butcher's Lamb Shoulder. Whether you prefer the robustness of bone-in or the convenience of boneless, our lamb shoulder promises unparalleled quality and taste, fresh from the farm.