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Lamb Loin Chops | Sublime Taste from Farm to Table


Our fresh Lamb Loin Chops offer a high-end dining experience with the comfort and convenience of home cooking. They're a splendid choice for anyone looking to enjoy a sumptuous meal with the rich, distinct flavour that only lamb can provide. Grill them to a smoky char, roast them to succulent perfection, or sear them for a crisp exterior and tender interior - no matter how you prepare them, these chops are sure to impress.

Features of our Lamb Loin Chops: 

🍖 Ontario's Pride: Freshly harvested from local farms, our lamb chops reflect the essence of Ontario's rich landscapes.

🍖 Thick and Juicy: Each chop is meticulously cut to an ideal thickness of 1.5 inches, ensuring a sumptuous bite every time.

🍖 Customize Your Order: With a flexibility to order as per your needs, a minimum of 4 chops guarantees a feast.

🍖 Freshness Sealed: Vacuum sealed for optimum freshness; the quality is tangible in every mouthful.

🍖 Transparent Pricing: At around $21.50/lb., the average cost per chop remains around $7.00, promising both quality and value.

Experience the sublime taste of fresh Ontario Lamb Loin Chops, sourced directly from Ontario’s finest pork producers. Thick and juicy, these chops are a gourmet delight waiting to be discovered. Whether you're aiming for a Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or Modern American dish, these premium chops are incredibly adaptable.