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Fresh Smoked Salmon | Hand-Carved, Authentic Tradition


Indulge in a rich and authentic smoked salmon experience! Hand-carved with utmost precision, our range of Fresh Smoked Salmon products promises a concerto of flavours crafted using time-honored butcher techniques.

 Key Highlights:

🐟 Signature Cold Smoked: A result of a nearly 3-day traditional smoking process, this selection boasts a rich and authentic flavour, curated from sustainable Canadian sources. Ethically produced and bursting with freshness, every slice promises a delectable experience.

🐟 Ocean Wise Organic Cape D'Or Smoked Salmon: Exclusively cold smoked over Hickory in artisanal batches, this premium selection is the epitome of luxury. Limited in stock, so be sure to secure your treat! 

🐟 Scotch Cured Cold Smoked Salmon: A delightful fusion of scotch and signature cold smoking technique. The peaty undertone harmoniously complements the smoked profile, making it an unforgettable treat for your palate.

🐟 Gravlax: Celebrate Scandinavian culinary art with our Gravlax. Packed with dill and Akvavit, you can choose between the authentic Traditional or the innovative Beet/Horseradish variant.

From the heart of Toronto to your plate, our Fresh Smoked Salmon is a tribute to traditional hand-carved methods, superior quality, and unmatched taste. Whether it's for a luxurious breakfast, a gourmet sandwich, or an exquisite hors d'oeuvre, make every bite count with our artisanal salmon.