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Fresh Smoked Salmon

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Signature Cold Smoked: Lovingly cured and smoked in a traditional process lasting almost 3 days. Our smoked salmon is sourced from ethical & sustainable Canadian sources and produced locally in Toronto; it is free of artificial flavours and preservatives, never frozen and always hand-carved.

Ocean Wise Organic Cape D'Or Smoked Salmon: Cold smoked over Hickory in small batches and lovingly hand sliced.  Limited quantities, so please order early in week!

Scotch Cured Cold Smoked salmon is made the same way as our signature cold smoked salmon but with the addition of scotch during the curing process to add a peaty flavour that matches excellently with the smoke flavour

Gravlax is made in the traditional Scandanavian way with lots of dill and Akvavit to respect the true recipe.  Available in Traditional or Beet / Horseradish

1/2 LB package contains anywhere from 9 to 13 hand-carved slices

1 LB package contains 18-26 hand-carved slices

Fresh, Vacuum Sealed