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Fresh BC Manila Clams | Sweet, Tender Ocean Pleasures


Dive into a world of delicate flavours with our Fresh Manila Clams. Sourced directly from the clear waters of British Columbia, these clams represent the pinnacle of freshness and taste.

Key Features:

๐Ÿš Ocean-Crisp Freshness: Harvested from British Columbia, known for its pristine coastal waters, ensuring you get the freshest clams.

๐Ÿš Bite-sized Delight: Manila clams are renowned for their sweet and tender meat, making them a favourite among seafood aficionados.

๐Ÿš Perfect Serving Size: We've got you sorted with a 1lb. serving, ideal for individual servings or to be shared as an appetizer.

Our Fresh Manila Clams offer a sublime seafood experience, promising the taste of British Columbia's ocean in every bite. Whether you're cooking up a quick appetizer or a gourmet meal, these clams are sure to impress. Ready to treat your taste buds.