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Fresh Bavette Steaks | Chef’s Hidden Gem


Bavette steak, often celebrated in culinary circles, is a hidden gem in the world of steaks and a treat for any foodie who cherishes robust flavours and succulent textures.

Also known as flank steak, this cut hails from the lower belly of the cow, a region known for producing meat with a rich depth of flavour due to the muscles' constant use. Found in French cuisine and slowly gaining popularity worldwide, the Bavette Steak is a culinary secret waiting to be explored.

Priced at Delivery:

🥩 Affordable Luxury: Priced at $24/lb. and adjusted upon delivery for precision.

Key Features: 

🥩 Distinctive Cut: Located near the belly, Bavette Steak boasts a loose texture with pronounced beefy flavours. 

🥩 Premium Quality: Freshly delivered and weighing approximately 4 lbs, ensuring a substantial portion for your gourmet dishes. 

🥩 Safe & Fresh: Vacuum-sealed for optimal freshness, guaranteeing the preservation of its natural tastes and aromas. 

Pairing superbly with bold rubs, chimichurri, or simple salt and pepper, Bavette offers a delightful experience in both preparation and eating. Its combination of flavour, texture, and versatility makes it a must-try for any culinary enthusiast looking to explore the lesser-known yet equally magnificent cuts of steak.