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Chicken Cordon Bleu | A Classic & Classy Dinner


Introducing our premium Chicken Cordon Bleu - air chilled chicken breasts, stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese and covered with a light breading.  

Each fresh chicken breast is 7-9oz.

Key Features: 

🍗 Premium Chicken Breast: Our chicken cordon bleu starts with a premium, air chilled chicken breast, ensuring every bite is succulent and flavourful.  Every chicken breast is individually vacuum sealed, preserving its freshness and flavour until the very moment it's cooked, and also perfect if you want to pop into the freezer.

🧀 Rich Swiss Cheese: Embrace the creamy goodness of authentic Swiss cheese, expertly melted to perfection within the layers of each chicken masterpiece.

🥓 Savoury Ham: Elevate your taste buds with the finest savoury ham, adding a perfect balance to the ensemble.

Perfect for pan searing or roasting or grilling.  This cut brings an elevated twist to the regular chicken breast.