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March 6th update - new seafood options

March 6th update - new seafood options

Good sunny morning to our favourite Mister Butcher customers!

Product updates

We have added two new seafood options to our shop:

Fresh Arctic Char Filets Not familiar with arctic char? Read on... This (very) coldwater fish has a rich, flavourful taste and a pink colour that is related to trout and salmon. Rich in omega-3, with a fat content similar to sockeye salmon. It has a deicate skin that crisps up beautifully. We are offering individual fresh portions, skin on, 8-10oz per piece.

Halibut Portions - Frozen We now have individually portioned halibut filets (3-5oz each). A great way to get a new fish into your menu planning. Our halibut is from the Canadian east coast, and we are offering in 2 pound boxes, which contain 6-8 individually wrapped portions.

Referral Program

Thanks to so many of you who tell your friends and family about our business. We've rebooted our referral program (and are using a new online program to manage it). Same deal as before - your friends will get $20 off their first order and you will receive a $20 credit when they place an order over $100. You will receive a link with your code to share a few days after you place an order. If you aren't ordering, but want to get a code to share please let us know!

We have built Mister Butcher almost entirely on word-of-mouth and really appreciate each and every one of you who has helped 😊



We are delivering in the GTA etc. Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. Jonathan will be delivering to Collingwood (and anywhere along the way) on Friday

Please place orders by Tuesday at 6pm.

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