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April 24th Weekly Update

April 24th Weekly Update

Good morning everyone!

We have a few product updates for you:

A new twist on baseball steaks, we are offering 6oz Tajima wagyu baseball steaks. Frozen, available in 2 or 4 steaks. Elevate your steak game, try something new!

Love our Oceanwise Selva shrimp? We added Selva Shrimp Kabobs. 5 shrimp per skewer, frozen, 10 skewers per order.

New packaging option on our souvlaki. We know many of you have asked for smaller packages of our souvlaki. You can now order 15 kabobs, vac packed in 5s. And if you haven't tried our tzatziki please give it a try. It's so tasty, and it's made from greek yogurt so the bonus is it's pretty healthy!

Last week was the close of the Salt Spring Island mussel season. These mussels are now spawning so not available for a couple of months. We are subbing in an excellent an PEI mussel in the meantime. 

Logistics: We will be delivering Wednesday through Friday this week, and will be in Collingwood on Friday. Please place orders by Tuesday at 6pm, and let us know if have any delivery date requests.

Mister Butcher Shop Update


Last summer we ordered a ton of custom BBQ scrapers for a marketing campaign, and the promo was a bit of a bust🤷‍♂️. So yesterday we made this great wall in our shop! We should be open within the next week.

Come & visit us at 3359 Yonge Street soon!

(and if you are in the market for a great bbq scraper we have some!!)

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