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Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon | A Taste of Untamed Waters


Journey to the wild, pristine waters of the Canadian west coast and experience a true gem of the sea: Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon. Celebrated for its vibrant hue and robust flavour, this salmon is the epitome of nature's best.

Key Features:

🐟 Wild-Caught Excellence: Authenticity at its best, our Sockeye Salmon is wild-caught, ensuring that natural flavour and texture are preserved.

🐟 Generous Portions: Receive two 5oz portions, expertly cut and ready for your culinary adventures.

🐟 Certified Sustainable: Our commitment to the environment and sustainable fishing is unwavering. Proudly Ocean Wise & Marine Stewardship Council-certified.

🐟 Frozen Freshness: Direct from the ocean and promptly frozen to retain peak freshness. Our salmon comes vacuum-packed on a tray to ensure quality and convenience.

🐟 True Canadian Delight: Sourced from the beautiful Canadian west coast, this salmon boasts a deep, natural flavour unique to its home waters.

For those who seek the best of what the sea has to offer, our Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon is an unmissable treat. Canadian Sockeye Salmon is renowned for its rich, buttery flavour, accented by a subtle hint of the ocean. Its unparalleled flavour and sustainable sourcing make it a favourite among seafood connoisseurs.