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Veal Bones | Canoe-Style Versatility


Canoe-style veal bones are a unique and sought-after ingredient in the culinary world, especially appreciated by those who have a deep appreciation for rich, depth-adding elements in their cooking. These bones are named for their distinctive shape, resembling a canoe, as they are split lengthwise to expose the marrow.

Features of Mister Butcher's Canoe-Style Veal Bones:

🍖 Versatile Use: Ideal for roasting, bone broth, and hearty soups.

🍖 Quality Assurance: Carefully selected to ensure premium quality.

🍖 Perfectly Sized: Frozen 6-8” long, weighing approximately 1 pound each.

🍖 Freshness Locked: Frozen to maintain freshness and flavor.

Canoe-style veal bones offer a unique experience in the kitchen. They provide an opportunity to explore traditional cooking methods, like roasting bones for marrow, or to get creative with modern culinary techniques. For anyone passionate about robust flavors and rich, comforting dishes, these bones are an essential ingredient, opening the door to a world of deep, satisfying tastes.