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Whole Turkey | Naturally-Sourced from Snyder Heritage Farms


Elevate your holiday feast with a turkey proudly sourced from renowned Snyder Heritage Farms – where tradition meets taste on a plate. From its GMO and drug-free upbringing to the careful, quick-freezing process, this turkey is set to be the talk of your holiday dinner, ensuring that your special meal is as memorable as it is delicious. Indulge in the rich heritage and robust flavour that only comes from a bird raised on a family farm dedicated to doing things the right way.

Features of Snyder Heritage Farm Whole Turkeys:

🦃 Generations of Excellence: Brought to you from a farm rich in tradition and commitment to quality.

🦃 Pure & Natural: GMO and drug-free, ensuring you serve only the best at your table.

🦃 Preserving Freshness: vacuum-packaged and flash frozen within hours of processing, sealing in the natural flavours.

🦃 Ready for Holidays: These turkeys thaw within 3 days in the fridge, ensuring they're perfectly timed for your festive dinners.

🦃 Transparent Pricing: Frozen and priced at around $5.25/lb., confirmed upon delivery.

With a thawing time of approximately three days in the refrigerator, plan your festive meal without worry - your turkey will be ready when you are. Natural-raised Snyder Heritage Farm whole turkeys bring more than just a meal to your table – they bring a legacy.