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Tajima Australian Wagyu Tenderloin Steak


Journey through the culinary realm of luxury with the Tajima Australian Wagyu Tenderloin. This premium cut is the culmination of Australia's lush landscapes and the legendary genetics of Tajima cattle. Each tenderloin reflects the meticulous care and commitment that goes into rearing these extraordinary bovines.

one 6oz portion

Key Features: 

🥩 Esteemed Tajima Lineage: Savour the delicacy of authentic Tajima Wagyu, an esteemed breed with deep roots in Japan and enhanced in Australia's vibrant pastures. 

🥩 Exquisite Marbling: Delight in the characteristic marbling of Wagyu, ensuring each bite is supremely tender and bursting with flavour. 

🥩 Prime Cut: The 6oz tenderloin encapsulates the perfect balance of delicate texture and robust beefy notes, offering a dining experience par excellence.

The Tajima Australian Wagyu Tenderloin transcends the boundaries of mere dining, offering an experience to cherish. Whether it's a special occasion or a treat for your senses, this tenderloin promises moments of unparalleled gastronomic delight. Here’s to epicurean adventures and memories crafted in beefs finest flavour!

Wine Pairing Suggestions: 

Enhance your Wagyu experience with a glass of mature Australian Shiraz or a silky Pinot Noir, enhancing the intricate flavours of the tenderloin.