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St. Urbain Bagels | A Market-Fresh Toronto Tradition


Dive into the heart of bakery freshness with our selection of St. Urbain Bagels, a staple of the St. Lawrence Market known for their classic taste and traditional preparation. Each bagel is a small piece of the market's rich culinary history, handcrafted and wood-fired to perfection. 

  • Variety: Pick from our selection of flavours - whether you prefer the unadorned simplicity of plain, the subtle crunch of poppyseed, or the nutty aroma of sesame.
  • Freshness: Direct from St. Urbain's famed bakery, these bagels are a testament to freshness. You can almost taste the hustle and bustle of the market with every bite.
  • Authenticity: Baked in a wood-fired oven, these bagels boast a traditional texture and depth of flavour that's increasingly rare in today's world of mass-produced bread.
St. Urbain Bagels offer more than just a delicious start to the day; they bring a piece of Toronto's heritage to your table. Perfect for sandwiches, spreads, or just on their own, these bagels are a testament to timeless baking excellence. Grab your half-dozen today!