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Smoked Back Bacon | Make Your Tastebuds Dance


Introducing our Smoked Back Bacon, a timeless classic meticulously cured to perfection and smoked to achieve that mouth-watering taste every bacon lover dreams of.

Key Highlights of Mister Butcher's Smoked Back Bacon: 

🥓Authentically Cured: Crafted in the same manner as our beloved peameal bacon - but without the cornmeal - for a pure, unadulterated taste. 

🥓 Masterfully Smoked: Smoked to the right degree, bringing out a rich, aromatic flavour that's bound to make your taste buds dance with joy. 

🥓 Generous Cut: Weighing between 3-4 lbs., it's perfect for big family breakfasts or multiple meals. 

🥓 Affordably Priced: At around $6.75/lb. (priced at delivery), it offers unparalleled quality and taste without breaking the bank.

Relish the delicate balance of curing and smoking with Mister Butcher's Smoked Back Bacon. It's a masterwork that turns every breakfast or brunch into a memorable meal!