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Skirt Steaks | Beefy Layers of Taste and Tenderness


Dive into a world of savoury delights with the Skirt Steak, a favourite amongst grill enthusiasts and culinary aficionados alike. Its robust beefy taste, coupled with its inherent tenderness, makes the Skirt Steak a staple for many renowned dishes worldwide. When marinated and grilled to perfection, this cut's layers of flavours unfold, promising an enthralling taste journey.

Key Features: 

🥩 Authentic Cut: Hailing from the diaphragm region of the animal, the Skirt Steak boasts a pronounced grain that's key to its distinctive texture and flavour. 

🥩 Versatility Personified: From fajitas to stir-fries, the Skirt Steak seamlessly complements a myriad of dishes, allowing chefs to explore a vast culinary landscape. 

🥩 Prime One Pound Portions: Carefully curated to ensure consistent quality, each steak is vacuum-sealed, preserving its freshness and flavour.

Offering a unique texture and deep beefy flavour, this cut from Mister Butcher guarantees an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you're hosting a BBQ or preparing a gourmet dinner, this steak promises to be the star of the show.