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4-Bone Short Ribs | Low & Slow Joy on Your Plate


Explore a world of rich flavours and tender textures with our premium 4-Bone Short Ribs. When cooked slow and low, Short Ribs become irresistibly soft, soaking up all the flavours of your chosen marinade or seasoning. Perfect for braising, grilling, or slow-cooking, these ribs are sure to be the star of any culinary creation.

Priced at Delivery: 

🔥We believe in transparency. Priced at $21.50/lb., the average price for this delectable meat cut ranges between $75-80, ensuring you only pay for the exact weight at delivery. 

Key Features: 

🔥 Prime Cut: With a 3" cut across 4 bones, our Short Ribs promise a generous amount of meat on each rib, ensuring a hearty serving for all. 

🔥 Fresh Quality: We prioritize freshness in every cut. Our Short Ribs are delivered fresh, ensuring you get the finest quality meat every time. 

🔥 Perfect Weight: Each order weighs approximately 4 lbs., making it ideal for family gatherings, BBQ parties, or a cozy dinner for two.

Our 4-Bone Short Ribs are a testament to the beauty of simple, high-quality ingredients. Whether you're planning a BBQ bash or a quiet dinner, these ribs from Mister Butcher will undoubtedly raise your expectations. So, why wait? Bring home a taste of gourmet dining with our exquisite Short Ribs today!

Need Inspiration? Mister Butcher’s Smoked Short Rib recipe on Instagram is fan favourite!