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Ribeye Steaks | Timeless, Marbled Excellence


Indulge in the luxurious world of Ribeye Steaks with our exquisite 14oz cuts. Famed for their intricate marbling, Ribeye’s promise a juicy and flavourful bite, every single time. With a rich profile and succulent texture, they're the crowning jewel of any dining table.

Key Features:

🥩 Marbling Mastery: The allure of Ribeye lies in its marbling, which promises unmatched juiciness and flavour.

🥩 Packaging Perfection: Each steak is individually vacuum-sealed to capture its freshness and flavour. Ideal for immediate culinary ventures or storing in the freezer for future delights.

🥩 Customizable Thickness: We respect your culinary vision. Desire a thicker cut? Just let us know.

Choose Your Perfect Grade:

  • Canadian AAA: A trusted choice for steak lovers, offering a balanced flavour profile at $24 per steak.
  • Canadian AAA Angus: Dive deeper into taste with the premium Angus variety for $26.25 per steak.
  • USDA Prime: Experience the pinnacle of luxury and taste, beautifully marbled at $34.00 per steak.
  • 100% Grass Fed: Relish the clean, earthy undertones of pure grass-fed beef for $30 per steak.
  • Never Ever: Embrace the purest form of steak - free from antibiotics, hormones, or steroids, priced at $29 per steak.

Unleash your culinary passions with our 14oz Ribeye Steaks. Perfect for special occasions, intimate dinners, or simply celebrating the art of fine dining. Every bite is a journey of taste and luxury.

Wine Pairing Recommendations: 

A steak of this stature pairs beautifully with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or a rich Merlot, enhancing the intricate flavours of the beef.