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Boneless Ribeye Roast | A Diner's Delight that Delivers


Taste the sumptuous flavours of our Boneless Ribeye Roast, expertly tied to retain its juicy tenderness. Every bite of our Ribeye Roast is a kaleidoscope of flavours - tender, juicy, and bursting with rich notes characteristic of this premium cut. Available in AAA Angus or USDA Prime.

Key Features: 

🥩 Grade Choices: Choose from the robust AAA, AAA Angus or the luxurious USDA Prime for a culinary experience tailored to your tastes. 

🥩 Boneless & Tied: Without the bone and tied up perfectly, this roast guarantees even cooking and easy slicing. 

🥩 Tailored for You: Specify your desired weight, with a minimum of 2 lbs., ensuring you get the perfect portion for your occasion. 

🥩 Freshness Guaranteed: This roast is delivered fresh, ensuring the utmost quality and flavour. The price is determined at delivery to reflect the exact weight of your cut.

With the rich marbling characteristic of Ribeye, this roast promises a taste experience that is simply unmatched. Whether it's a special celebration or a lavish weekend dinner, let this roast take center stage and watch as it wins accolades for its unbeatable flavour and texture.

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