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Poke Salmon | Poke Bowl Enthusiasts Unite!


Unleash a tidal wave of flavours with our Poke Salmon, exclusively crafted for poke bowl aficionados and seafood lovers. Frozen at peak freshness and prepared with precision, this sushi-grade salmon ensures a delightful taste in every bite.

Key Features:

🍣 Top-Tier Sushi Grade: Enjoy top-notch quality with our cubed salmon, perfectly suited for sashimi and sushi creations.

🍣 Conveniently Packaged: Vacuum sealed and frozen to lock in the freshness, ensuring you receive the true essence of the sea.

🍣 Uniformly Cut: No more uneven pieces. Our uniformly cut blocks guarantee consistency in taste and presentation.

From a vibrant poke bowl to a simple seared salmon salad, the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in a world where health meets flavour and enjoy the taste of the ocean in its purest form.