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Peameal Bacon | Craft the Perfect Peameal Bacon Sandwich


Presenting classic Peameal Bacon, an iconic Canadian delight that's been meticulously crafted to bring you the authentic St. Lawrence market experience right in your kitchen.

Distinctive Features of Mister Butcher's Peameal Bacon: 

🥓 Tastefully Cured: Our center-cut pork loin undergoes a special wet cure in a brine of salt and sugar. Not overly salty, with a hint of sweetness - a real palate pleaser! 

🥓 St. Lawrence Market Magic: Create your own magical peameal bacon sandwich that rivals the best from the market. Your brunch game just got an upgrade! 

🥓 Perfect for Eggs Benedict: Elevate your breakfast game by incorporating our Peameal Bacon in this classic, breakfast crowd-pleaser. 

🥓 High Quality: Trimmed of excess fat, this bacon provides a clean, savoury taste with each bite. 

🥓 Fresh & Convenient: Comes in 1-pound packages that are vacuum-sealed and frozen, ensuring you have fresh bacon whenever you crave it. 

Whether you're reminiscing about your market visits or trying it for the first time, our bacon promises a culinary experience you'll cherish. A big thumbs up!