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Fresh Oysters | Pristine, Briny Goodness for All Tastes


Unearth the treasures of the sea with our exquisite oysters. Perfectly curated and sourced, they're a gourmet's dream, waiting to be unveiled.

Key Features:

🐚 Fresh & Unshucked: Get a dozen pristine oysters, unshucked to preserve their oceanic essence.

🐚 Tantalizing Varieties: Choose from our curated selection - from the briny depths of the East Coast featuring Malpeque, Lucky Lime, and French Kiss varieties, to the delicate flavours of the West Coast's Kusshi.

🐚 Complete Experience: To enhance the oyster tasting journey, we deliver them with complementing sauces, perfectly balancing the briny freshness of the oysters.

Whether you're an oyster aficionado or a newbie looking to try something exquisite, our selection promises an unmatched seafood experience. With their briny freshness and our array of sauces, every bite is a taste of the sea. So, pick your favourite variety and let the oyster feast begin!

Shucking? No Problem! 

Never shucked an oyster before? No worries! We're here to guide you. With our oysters, you get more than just seafood; you get an experience. We offer lessons on shucking, ensuring you can enjoy these gems of the sea in their freshest form. Plus, if you need them, we can also deliver the necessary shucking tools right to your door!