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Mister Butcher Steak Box


Sizzle, Savour, and Save! Welcome to an irresistible steak journey with Mister Butcher's Steak Box. A collection curated for the discerning steak enthusiast, each piece in this box promises a premier steakhouse experience, right from the heart of your kitchen.

What’s Inside the Box: 

🥩 Ribeyes (2 pieces): Each weighing a generous 14 oz, these are perfect for those who enjoy a juicy, marbled steak. 

🥩 Centre Cut Beef Tenderloins (2 pieces): Premium 6oz cuts that are soft, tender, and melt in your mouth. 

🥩 Rib Steaks (2 pieces): Bone-in and weighing a whopping 20oz each, they offer a rustic steakhouse feel. 

🥩 Striploins (2 pieces): Classic 12oz steaks that balance tenderness and robust flavor. 

🥩 Flat Iron Steaks (2 pieces): at 8oz each, these are a modern favorite known for their deep flavor and tenderness.

Every steak is fresh and individually vacuum-sealed, preserving its quality and taste. These are also suitable for freezing, ensuring you have a premium steak ready whenever the craving hits. Elevate your at-home dining with a steakhouse experience!