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Mister Butcher Date Night Surf & Turf Box


Fancy Date Night Alert! Set the mood for an intimate and exquisite date night in the comforts of your home with the Mister Butcher Date Night Surf and Turf Box. Delicately crafted to satisfy your - and your date's - taste buds, each element in this box promises a fun journey of flavours and textures.

Here's Your Menu for the Perfect Date Night:

🦀 Crab Cakes (2 pieces): Fresh and succulent, start your evening with these delightful appetizers that offer a hint of the ocean's best. 

🥩 Steak for Sharing: Choose from the very best for a memorable main course: 

  • USDA Prime Kansas City Striploin (24 oz): Fresh, tender, and dripping with flavors, this steak is an experience waiting to unfold.
  • 5" Porterhouse (just under 2 pounds): Indulge in this Fresh steak, a combination of tender filet and robust New York strip.
  • 32 oz Bone-In Rib Steak: Savour the richness of this fresh cut, with every bite more delicious than the last.

🍤 Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp (6 pieces): Frozen to lock in freshness, these jumbo shrimps are the perfect accompaniment to your steak, elevating the whole surf and turf experience.

Light the candles, play some soft tunes, and immerse yourself in a gastronomic symphony with the Mister Butcher Date Night Surf and Turf Box. Cheers to memorable moments!