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Mister Butcher Backyard BBQ Box


Get you grill game on! Hear the sizzling sounds and smell the tantalizing aromas as they transform your backyard into a culinary paradise with the Mister Butcher Backyard BBQ Box! Featuring a harmonious blend of classic favourites and innovative twists, this BBQ box is all you need for those memorable grill sessions.

Here's What Your Grill Yearns For: 

🥩 AAA Tenderloin Steaks (2 x 6oz): Fresh and tender, these cuts are perfect for those who love their steak juicy and mouth-wateringly delicious. 

🥩 AAA Angus Striploin Steaks (2 x 12oz): Sear them to perfection and enjoy the rich, beefy flavours of these Fresh Angus delights. 

🐔 Flattened Chicken: A whole chicken, butterflied and ready to grill. 

🐖 Pork Back Ribs (2 portions): Fresh and meaty, these ribs promise to be the star of your BBQ spread. 

🍔 Sterling Silver Burgers (5 pieces): Juicy, rich, and frozen for freshness, these burgers are an all-time favourite. 

🍔 Chicken Burgers (6 pieces): These succulent burgers offer a delightful twist to your usual burger experience. 

🌭 Gourmet Hot Dogs (8 pieces): Frozen and flavour-filled, these aren't your average hot dogs.

Whether you're hosting a weekend BBQ party or just enjoying a quiet evening by the grill, the Mister Butcher Backyard BBQ Box ensures every bite is packed with flavour and joy. Get grilling and enjoy the finest BBQ feast, courtesy of Mister Butcher!