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Meat Church | Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub


The magic touch your BBQ needs! Presenting Meat Church's Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub – the game-changer your grilling sessions have been waiting for! A versatile blend with both Cajun flair and a Texas twist, it promises to make every dish stand out with a burst of flavour and a touch of heat.

Features of Meat Church's Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub:

🔥 Versatile Excellence: From poultry and ribs to vegetables, elevate every meal's taste profile with this dynamic rub.

🔥 Award-Winning: Join the league of champions! Meat Church's ambassadors have clinched victories in chicken and rib competitions using this very rub.

🔥 Cajun Meets Texas: Experience the depth of Cajun flavours combined with the fiery kick of Texas jalapeño. A culinary journey you won't forget!

Why You Need Meat Church's Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub:

  1. Transform Poultry: Whether you're frying or smoking your turkey, this rub ensures it's the star of the show.
  2. Elevate Veggies: Not just for meats, sprinkle on your veggies before grilling to add an unbeatable flavour punch.
  3. Perfect for Pork: Bring out the best in your pork dishes with this Cajun-infused delight.
  4. BBQ Competitions: Looking to impress judges in a BBQ competition? Here's your secret weapon!

Dive deep into the flavourful world of Cajun cuisine with a touch of Texas heat. Once you've tried Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub, there's no going back! Ready to embrace the magic of Meat Church? Get your Holy Voodoo BBQ Rub today and witness your dishes transform!