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Meat Church | The Gospel All-Purpose Rub


The ultimate BBQ companion! Introducing Meat Church's The Gospel All-Purpose Rub, the epitome of versatility and flavour in the world of BBQ seasonings. A genuine all-rounder, this rub is designed to be the single answer to all your seasoning needs, making it an essential staple for every pantry.

Features of The Gospel All-Purpose Rub:

🌶 True Versatility: Whether it's beef, chicken, pork, seafood, or vegetables, this rub has been crafted to complement them all.

🌶 Southwestern Flair: Drawing inspiration from the American Southwest, it encapsulates the region's rich culinary heritage, offering a robust and well-balanced flavour.

🌶 Eye-Catching Hue: Beyond taste, this rub also delivers visually with its striking red color, ensuring your dishes look as good as they taste.

🌶 Generously Packed: Coming in a 14 oz bottle, there's plenty to go around for numerous feasts and gatherings.

Why You Need the Gospel All-Purpose Rub in Your Kitchen:

  1. Simplify Your Pantry: No need for multiple jars and bottles. This one rub has got you covered for almost every dish.
  2. Consistent Flavour: Ensure every meal is a hit by seasoning with this tried and tested blend.
  3. Elevate Every Dish: From weekday dinners to special occasions, this rub will enhance the flavour profile of your dishes.
  4. Perfect for BBQ: Be it a backyard BBQ or a competition, The Gospel will make your culinary creations stand out.

Meat Church's The Gospel All-Purpose Rub is more than just a seasoning; it's a promise of consistently delicious meals. Crafted with precision and an understanding of what makes a dish truly stand out, it's a testament to the art of BBQ. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary newbie, The Gospel is sure to become your go-to seasoning.