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Meat Church | Holy Gospel BBQ Rub


Welcome to the divine world of Meat Church's Holy Gospel BBQ Rub! Crafted after countless test cooks and blending two of their iconic rubs, Holy Gospel stands out as a masterpiece in the BBQ seasoning realm. It embodies the fine balance of flavours that cater to every BBQ enthusiast's palate.

Features of The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub: 

🌶 Blend of Bests: Merging the flavours of Holy Cow beef seasoning and The Gospel All Purpose rub, but it's not a mere 50-50 mix. The perfect ratio was meticulously crafted after numerous trials.

🌶 Versatile Application: A seasoning that truly shines on ribs, chicken, and beef, ensuring each bite is packed with flavour.

🌶 Refined Balance: Acts upon the feedback of Holy Cow being pepper-heavy, and Gospel needing a touch more depth.

🌶 Generous Quantity: The 14 oz bottle ensures you have enough seasoning to grace multiple BBQs and dinner tables.

Why The Holy Gospel BBQ Rub Should Be in Your Spice Rack:

  1. Expertly Crafted: It's not just a mix; it's a carefully crafted blend that took numerous test cooks to perfect.
  2. Elevate Your BBQ: The right seasoning can make or break a dish. With Holy Gospel, every BBQ dish reaches its flavourful zenith.
  3. Consistency in Flavour: Get the same delicious taste in every sprinkle, ensuring your culinary creations are consistently delightful.
  4. For All BBQ Lovers: Whether you like a peppery punch or a balanced flavour profile, Holy Gospel caters to all.

When it comes to BBQ seasonings, compromise is not an option. Meat Church's Holy Gospel BBQ Rub is the culmination of understanding customer preferences and endless culinary experiments. It’s the rub that promises to take your BBQ dishes from good to exceptional. So, when the grill gets hot, make sure Holy Gospel is by your side, blessing every dish with its impeccable flavour!