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Ground Beef | Choose Your Premium Grade


Unleash your inner chef with our versatile and high-quality ground beef. Crafted with precision and care, our ground beef offers distinct flavours and textures to suit a myriad of dishes. From hearty burgers to savoury casseroles, the possibilities are endless!

Key Features: 

🍖 Variety of Grades: Choose from Lean, Medium, Never Ever, 100% Grass Fed, and Chuck grades to cater to your specific culinary needs. 

🍖 Perfectly Portioned: Each package contains 1 lb. of ground beef, vacuum-sealed for utmost freshness and easy storage.  

🍖 Defined Lean-to-Fat Ratios: Understand your beef better with our clear lean-to-fat ratio indications: 

  • Medium: 77/23
  • Chuck: 80/20
  • Lean: 83/17

 Our Ground Beef is more than just an ingredient; it's a promise of delicious meals and satisfied appetites. Whether you're crafting a classic meatball dish, a sizzling taco, or a wholesome beef stew, Mister Butcher’s ground beef promises a rich and robust flavour in every dish.