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Lamb Spiedini Skewers | Mini-Kabobs Perfect for Grilling


Discover the rich flavours of the Mediterranean with Mister Butcher's Lamb Spiedini Skewers. Whether you call them spiedini or speducchi, their 100% lamb essence sings 'delicious'. Packed with 12 frozen skewers, their versatility shines when grilled or oven-baked. A celebration of taste and tradition, these mini-kabobs are the answer to every meat lover's quest for perfection.

 Features of Mister Butcher's Lamb Spiedini Skewers:

🍖 Authentic Taste: 100% lamb ensures every bite is succulent, rich, and absolutely delicious. Whether you know them as spiedini or speducchi, we guarantee taste bliss.

🍖 Generous Pack: Comes with 12 skewers per pack, perfect for solo indulgence or sharing with loved ones.

🍖 Cook from Frozen: Designed for convenience, separate the pieces as they thaw, and cook. Grill over medium-high heat or bake at 425F.

Raise your grilling game with Mister Butcher's Lamb Spiedini Skewers. These skewers can be grilled, oven-roasted, or even pan-seared, opening up a world of culinary possibilities. Dive deep into a flavour experience that captures the essence of gourmet grilling!