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Bone-In Lamb Shanks | Canadian-Made Tenderness


Experience the robust taste and unmatched tenderness of Mister Butcher's Canadian Bone-In Lamb Shanks. Freshly sourced, these shanks promise a dining experience that's nothing less than exquisite.

Features of Mister Butcher's Canadian Bone-In Lamb Shanks:

🍖 Superior Quality: Fresh Canadian Lamb, representing the pinnacle of quality and flavour.

🍖 Optimal Size: With two shanks per order, each piece weighing approximately 1-1.3 lb, they're perfect for a heartwarming meal.

🍖 Bone-In Brilliance: The bone retains moisture and infuses the meat with rich flavour during cooking, leading to succulent results.

🍖 Versatile Cooking: Ideal for slow cooking, braising, or roasting. Serve with your favourite sauce or marinade for a gourmet experience.

Indulge in the rich, deep flavours of Mister Butcher's Lamb Shanks, and transform your dinner into a culinary masterpiece!