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European Double Smoked Bacon | A Fresh 1/2 Slab of Flavour


The essence of bacon-inspired goodness! Mister Butcher's European Double Smoked Bacon promises a mealtime experience that's unparalleled.


🥓 Priced Perfectly: At around $11.50/lb. (priced at delivery), you get premium quality without the premium price tag. 


Highlights of Mister Butcher's European Double Smoked Bacon: 

🥓 Robust Flavour: Experience the bold and smoky taste that comes from the double-smoking process, raising your dishes to gourmet standards. 

🥓 Generous Portion: With an average weight of 5 lbs., this half slab ensures you have plenty for breakfast, brunch, and beyond. 

🥓 Fresh and Ready: Always fresh and meticulously vacuum packed to retain its taste and texture. 

Elevate your meals and munchies with Mister Butcher's European Double Smoked Bacon. It's not just bacon; it's an experience!

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