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Ground Pork | Next-Level, Flavour-Boosting Goodness


Introducing the freshest ground pork, meticulously processed and delivered straight to your kitchen. Mister Butcher's Ground Pork promises quality, freshness, and taste in every bite.

Features of Mister Butcher's Ground Pork: 

🍖 Vacuum Sealed for Freshness: Our ground pork is conveniently vacuum packed in one-pound packages, sealing in the freshness and flavour until you're ready to cook. 

🍖 Kitchen Versatility: Perfect for a plethora of dishes – from meatballs and burgers to tacos, stuffed bell peppers, and Asian cuisine. 

🍖 Healthy & Wholesome: A great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it a nutritious addition to any meal.

With Mister Butcher's Ground Pork, every meal becomes a celebration. Discover the myriad of recipes you can whip up and let your culinary imagination soar!